Hong Kong – Fragrant Harbour with Interesting Discoveries

The odor of incense wafting with The sea breeze, lent the title fragrant harbour to Hong Kong, among the most exciting island countries in South East Asia. When you choose the Hong Kong Tour Package, you will discover how this bunch of little fishing villages has metamorphosed into a sophisticated modern city, with the number of skyscrapers in the world! Located at the south of China, Hong Kong is surrounded by water – the South China Sea on its east, west and south, and the Pearl River delta. You will be taken by A Hong Kong Holiday Package to its bays, rivers and beaches, besides mountains and hills. You will be amazed at the range of the wonders of the island city as you proceed through any one of its museums or via a legacy tour to attain its core. It is a skyline – the very best on earth; its’ surrounding mountains match the skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour.

Fragrant Harbour with Interesting Discoveries

As a tribute to its arts and Practitioners of the same, there’s a statue of Bruce Lee from town. Jackie Chan is just another artiste out of here. Its’ catchy Cantopop music, a combination of Western and Chinese genres, has a fan following and cuts across communities. Tourists who take the hong kong beach restaurant and may find themselves in the middle of a musical or dance festival. Chinese concepts with entertainment balance through its mixture of glamourresorts, shopping malls cuisine, fast food restaurants, dim sum and pot.

The Hong Kong Tour Package will direct You to this island town, which has a population that is largely Chinese. English is known. It is a meeting ground for different cultures and communities as many Asians, Europeans, Canadians and Americans reside here, with a large congregation of Buddhists and Taoists. The culture finds architecture, including Indian and Chinese temples besides its own cuisine and manifestation in its beautifully ChineseĀ hong kong seafood restaurant. It is street markets and boutiques, malls – a women market and a night market – turning it into a shoppers’ paradise! Ivory and jade crafted curios are popular, as are tea and its black, whilst jeweler can be purchased at prices!